10 Kindergarten Skills That’ll Make You Better at Marketing

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Upping your marketing talents can seem like a daunting task.  There are so many seminars, books, classes, and even college degrees based around successful marketing techniques, that bettering yourself can feel intimidating.  But successful marketing is based on some very simple skill sets.  Here are 10 skills every kindergartener learns that will make you better at marketing.

1. Minding your manners

Keep things professional, and remain courteous. Both when developing relationships and when planning marketing campaigns.  If 5 year olds can say “please and thank you” at the right time, so can you.

2. Put puzzles together

Pay attention to the details, but keep an eye open for the larger picture and how those details fit together.  One slogan doesn’t make a successful strategy.  Put the whole puzzle together.

3. Stay with an activity to completion

And not a “this is good enough” completion.  Be honest with yourself about when a project is completed to the best of your ability, and invest full energy into it until then.

4. Describe how objects are the same or different

Learning to compare and contrast different and similar things is one of the most important skills of early childhood development.  Don’t forget this ability.  Keep a discerning eye for how products relate to each other.

5. Offer to help peers and family

Helping others builds relationships, but also allows you to learn from those you assist and hone your own skill sets.  Be quick to offer other assistance.

6. Adjust to new situations

Your strategies won’t always be effective, and you campaigns won’t always stand up how you expect them to.  Don’t stress change: adapt quickly.

7. Adhere to a routine and schedule

So often, successful marketing is about consistency.  From governing your professional relationships to guiding your creative output, you should be sure to develop and stick to a routine for your marketing work.

8. Use descriptive language

Kindergartners are told to “show, don’t tell” from the time they start telling stories.  Descriptive language is at the basis of all selling.  Plain and simple.

9. Look at books or pictures on your own

If you want to be an expert in the marketing industry, you are going to have to put in your own time, outside of work assignments, to stay current with industry developments.  Read everything.

10. Ask for help

There is always someone better at marketing than you.  Contact us for help.  If a kindergartner can do it, so can you.

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