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5 Things You Need to Know When Choosing Between Apple, Android, or Windows Tablets

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Did you know that it’s only been 4 years since Apple first released the iPad and the tablet as we know it was born? Although it may be difficult for you to imagine life without a tablet device (it sure is hard for me), their presence in our culture is here to stay.

Although Apple was the first to give birth to this new computer technology, it certainly wasn’t the only one to grab for a piece of market share. Now tablets are projected to overtake the majority of the PC market as more people prefer their tablet over a desktop or laptop computer. With the Android tablets overtaking sales of the iPad a few years ago, the market is quite exciting and competitive.

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Have we Reached the Peak of Google’s Dominance?

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One of the most profitable company’s out there today, Google’s quarterly revenues are mind-blowing. With more than $3 billion in free cash flow every quarter, the tech giant seems to be endlessly growing at a 20 percent rate year over year.

Besides dominance in search, Android is the number 1 mobile platform, and Google has the top visited video site YouTube in its portfolio as well. But with all this great stuff, has Google finally hit it’s peak? Are we about to see the end of Google’s dominance as we know it? Keep reading to see what we have to stay.

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New Technology to Look for in 2015

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MBHighTechIt used to be that small advances in technology took a considerable amount of time, but those days are long gone. Now technology advances as fast as lightening and new generations of gadgets come before the old ones wear out and new products are constantly emerging to keep up with our ever-evolving needs and desires. This coming year is no different. 2015 will bring with it lots of new technology to make our lives more simplified.

Smarter and More Social TVs

TVs have been evolving since their advent. There haven’t been too many changes since the birth of the DVR craze, but there are some changes brewing now. Television is now becoming smarter and more social. Microsoft’s “Xbox One” will allow users to control their cable boxes with voice commands. Google is also getting involved by introducing “Chromecast” as a means to bring the Internet to the television. New television related projects are also in the offing for Apple and Twitter.

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