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10 Kindergarten Skills That’ll Make You Better at Marketing

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Upping your marketing talents can seem like a daunting task.  There are so many seminars, books, classes, and even college degrees based around successful marketing techniques, that bettering yourself can feel intimidating.  But successful marketing is based on some very simple skill sets.  Here are 10 skills every kindergartener learns that will make you better at marketing.

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Are You a technology Addict? Us Too! 6 Reasons We Simply Can’t Stop!

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Love it or hate it, technology is everywhere.

We happen to love it. Here are our reasons we can’t kick our tech addiction.


There’s Something for Everyone

Crazy about puzzles? There’s an app for that. Want to save the world while looking like a rockstar? Get behind the wheel of a Tesla, and praise the minds that bring such varied technologies to life. No matter what you are in to, there is some way that technology can make your life easier, more fun, or just more interesting.

Just check the “Electronics and Computers” section on Or browse the “Home Garden and Tools” or “Toys” sections. Every place you look, you’ll find examples of technology meeting different people’s needs. Even if you only go to Amazon to shop for books, there’s a tech solution for you: the once revolutionary and now ubiquitous eReader has won over millions of devoted book nuts by offering convenience and functionality. No matter what you are passionate about, someone has invented and perfected a technology that is perfect for you.

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