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Finding the Holiday Magic Again

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Finding Holiday Balance can be Tough!

For me and my family, the holidays are still magical.  There’s nothing more gratifying than coming together during the holiday season, reconnecting with family members, and watching the kids enjoying the Holiday traditions.  Yes, the holidays can be stressful, and making sure that all of the pieces come together can be SERIOUS work.  But when they do, it’s all worth it.

Being a wife, a mother and a business owner, I know how challenging it can be to balance everything during the holiday season.  Holiday shopping, end-of-the-year purchases, and the resulting bump in economic activity can be hugely profitable for businesses, and it is smart to capitalize on the season however you can.  But doing so can add even more stress to an already stressful season, and balancing family commitments with business ventures can be incredibly overwhelming during the holidays.

Here are some simple ways to bring the magic BACK to your busy Holiday season.

  1. Make A List

I am making a list and checking it twice…or three times. Truly think about how much time you want to set aside for work each day, and make an ambitious but realistic list for what you want to accomplish.  Then, once you have checked everything off of your list, you can spend time with your family without feeling guilty.

  1. Delegate

If you’re like me you want to be the one who personally wraps every gift, handles every element of your business strategy, and manages every step in planning your holiday festivities.  But the more you delegate the help of others, the better your holiday season will be.

Interns, Part-timers, and Employees may want to earn extra cash around the holiday season. Delegating your workload will help to keep the office flow without you having to be on top of everything. Turn to friends and family to help with the sentimental tasks you can’t handle on your own.

  1. Turn Chores Into Traditions

Be creative and turn potential chores into a new holiday tradition. Bake holiday cookies as a family.  Make time to decorate the tree, go food shopping, and handle all of the other holiday tasks together as a family. The holidays are all about spending time with loved ones, and it’s so much more fun doing chores together.

  1. Enjoy This Magical Season

If the Holidays are feeling less magical, step back, think about your priorities.
This is such a special time of the year, make sure to take some time to slow down and focus on what’s truly important. Prepare your heart and mind for the New Year and enjoy the downtime while you can. You will feel renewed, and ready to take on the challenges ahead for the New Year!

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