5 Facts about Bootstrap that will Inspire You to Greatness

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Web design is one of the most important industries in the modern age. As more and more people and businesses go online, it is necessary to be able to build and maintain a website that will attract users. From online commerce to blogs, the ability to create a professional and aesthetically appealing site is critical in ensuring online success.

Bootstrap is a relatively new programming system. Originally created by Twitter developers Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton as a way to ensure consistency between designers and programmers, Bootstrap is fast becoming the premiere software for web developers with its intuitive interface and components. Below are some of the main reasons to use Bootstrap as a front end development tool.

1. Ease of Development

One of the biggest issues with programming is the countless hours spent maintaining CSS and creating lines of code. Bootstrap comes with plain CSS, but for those who use preprocessing software, you can also get it bundled with SASS and LESS files. Bootstrap also utilizes pre-formed CSS templates and an intuitive 12 point grid system that can easily be adjusted across devices.

2. Consistency

One of the biggest challenges facing developers is the fact that, typically, there are multiple people working on the same project. This can lead to inconsistencies with coding, design layouts and libraries, leading to massive back-end maintenance. Bootstrap was developed originally to solve this problem in Twitter by creating classes and styles that can be used across devices and browsers, to ensure that developers can use the same CSS, LESS or SASS files.

3. Customization

One of the best components of the Bootstrap system is the ability to fully customize your project to fit your needs. Bootstrap has styled and classed every aspect of web design you need, including typography, code, tables, buttons, etc. You can also customize with its extensive list of components, from dropdowns and button groups to breadcrumbs and alerts. Each of these components are also bundled with Javascript plugins, so you can easily add JS with minimal coding.

4. Responsiveness across Devices

As technology advances, computers are getting more compact and mobile. The latest version of Bootstrap is built around a Mobile First philosophy, with emphasis on cross-platform responsiveness.  Using responsive utility classes, you can adjust what’s visible based on the screen size. For example, using the class .visible-desktop ensures that whatever’s in that class is only visible on desktop screens.

5. Support

Technical support is critical for any designer and programmer, especially those just starting in the field. As the top GitHub project with over 77,000 stars, Bootstrap boasts one of the largest support networks for any development program, so designers are able to get their issues handled quickly and effectively.

For those looking to get started in Web design, or veterans looking to upgrade their design capabilities, Bootstrap is a phenomenal system to use. With its intuitive structure and powerful capabilities, this is development software for the modern age.

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