5 Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Business Website

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If you’re a business owner in the 21st century, chances are you either have a website already or are looking to build one. There are numerous advantages to having a website for your business, including promotion, information, and the chance to connect with customers in a more direct format.

If you are considering creating a site, there are literally hundreds of platforms to choose from – however, you have to look no further than WordPress. This website hosts offers numerous advantages, starting with these five reasons; read on to understand exactly why WordPress is your best business solution.

1. WordPress is free.

The WordPress “Beginner” option is free to use and offers all of the main advantages of a WordPress site (including those listed below). The WordPress community offers support and constant innovation through the open source nature of the site. For more options, however, such as eCommerce and your own URL, you will have to upgrade to the Premium or Business options.

2. WordPress is easy to use and update.

One of the driving forces behind WordPress is that you do not need to know how to code in order to create and edit features of your website. It is easy to add text, images, and widgets to your site with the editing tools offered.

3. WordPress offers hundreds of themes and templates to choose from.

The site has 318 themes listed, with more being created by users in the community; you can find templates in every category from “professional” to “wedding”. You can choose a template for your website or blog, or both; you can also filter based on color and features. Once you choose a template, it is easy to change, and any edits to content are automatically reflected in theme.

4. WordPress helps with SEO.

WordPress sites are optimized to show up earlier in Google, Yahoo, and Bing searches through search engine optimization (SEO), a technique that uses keywords to promote search results. If your site contains more of these keywords, you are more likely to be seen by users searching for a particular result with these words; thus, your business receives promotion through using WordPress.

5. WordPress transfers well into mobile form.

With the WordPress app for iOS and Android, you can “publish on the go” by editing your site directly instead of waiting until you have a desktop computer to work from. WordPress sites created elsewhere also transfer well into mobile form, so you do not have to specifically create a mobile version of your site.

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