5 Things You Need to Know When Choosing Between Apple, Android, or Windows Tablets

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Did you know that it’s only been 4 years since Apple first released the iPad and the tablet as we know it was born? Although it may be difficult for you to imagine life without a tablet device (it sure is hard for me), their presence in our culture is here to stay.

Although Apple was the first to give birth to this new computer technology, it certainly wasn’t the only one to grab for a piece of market share. Now tablets are projected to overtake the majority of the PC market as more people prefer their tablet over a desktop or laptop computer. With the Android tablets overtaking sales of the iPad a few years ago, the market is quite exciting and competitive.

If you’re in the market for a new tablet or finally deciding to try out the amazing new technology, you’ll have the choice between Apple, Android, and Windows tablets. If the decision feels a little overwhelming let the following guide show you 5 things you will need to know when choosing between all the options available to you.

1. What You Will Use Your Tablet For

Are you looking to find a device to view media like videos and audio? Or are you seeking a tablet to be more productive at work. Although tablets have not surpassed desktops and laptops in terms of productivity, they certainly are great at media consumption.

If you want a table for productivity, take a look at the top Windows 8 tablets that can handle more serious work.

2. Which Operating System Works For You?

When you are buying a tablet you have the choice between three prevailing operating system. Apple’s iOS offers users an intuitive experience with a great selection of apps available to buy right from the system.

Google’s Android mobile operating system gives you various hardware choices from
Amazon, Acer, Samsung, and more, offers a fast web browsing experience, and can be shared among multiple people.

The Windows operating system tablets will offer you the most similar experience to a laptop as you can access the complete Microsoft Office suite and also have better device connectivity. Go to your local electronics store and try out all three systems. Listen to your gut and feel what is best for you.

3. What About Your Screen Size?

First off, when you hear about a 10-inch tablet, that means the size of the screen which is measured diagonally. Small screen tablets are 7 inches while larger ones range from 8.9 to 10 inches. You can get an Apple iPad, Windows, and Android tablets in small, medium, and large.

Besides having a large viewing space, high quality screen resolution is important as you want a high-quality ebook reading and web browsing experience. Right now the sharpest screen resolution available is with the Amazon’s Fire HDX 8.9” Android tablet which provides you with 2560×1600 pixels.

In comparison, the iPad Air 2 have the 2048×1536-pixel Retina display that are also high quality.

4. Storage Options

Although all tablet comes with access to Cloud storage, on device storage is always better. The Apple iPad has iCloud, while Amazon Kindle Fires use Amazon Cloud Storage, and Windows tablets use OneDrive.

Because each app, song, and video stored on your device takes up valuable storage, choosing one with more can be a deciding factor for you. Right now Apple holds the title of most storage topping out at 128GB on their iPad Air and iPad mini tablet lines.

Most other tablets will have either 16, 32, or 64GB of memory. Although storage space is a valuable commodity, the price greatly increases with the high-end models.

5. Getting Online

While being able to get online through your tablet anywhere using cellular service, which as an added benefit is hard to ignore, the access does add to the initial price of your tablet. Most tablets come in a Wi-Fi only model which can access any Wi-Fi hotspot including possibly even your phone.

Before relying on your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot check to make sure the phone/tablet will work together by checking with your carrier before purchasing.

If you want online access anywhere, consider the Apple iPad or Amazon Kindle Fire HDX with 4G. If you opt into the cellular plan, you will need to pay a fee per month.

Getting Your Brand New Tablet

In just a few years, the choices of tablets have become overwhelming for buyers. If you are looking for your next device or want to try your first tablet, consider these 5 things you need to know when deciding between an Apple, Android or Windows tablet. After reading this article, go to your local electronics store and try out the available models. Consider these 5 points as you test them out and feel what works best for you.

Why did you buy the tablet you have now? Please share in the comments.

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