Are You a technology Addict? Us Too! 6 Reasons We Simply Can’t Stop!

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Love it or hate it, technology is everywhere.

We happen to love it. Here are our reasons we can’t kick our tech addiction.


There’s Something for Everyone

Crazy about puzzles? There’s an app for that. Want to save the world while looking like a rockstar? Get behind the wheel of a Tesla, and praise the minds that bring such varied technologies to life. No matter what you are in to, there is some way that technology can make your life easier, more fun, or just more interesting.

Just check the “Electronics and Computers” section on Or browse the “Home Garden and Tools” or “Toys” sections. Every place you look, you’ll find examples of technology meeting different people’s needs. Even if you only go to Amazon to shop for books, there’s a tech solution for you: the once revolutionary and now ubiquitous eReader has won over millions of devoted book nuts by offering convenience and functionality. No matter what you are passionate about, someone has invented and perfected a technology that is perfect for you.

It’s Always Getting Better

Politics are stale and repetitive, business is bureaucratic and slow moving, and T.V. is formulaic and over played. But technology? Technology is always growing, always changing, and always getting better, usually at a dizzying pace.

Remember when it was mind blowing that you could shop for the things you needed online, and see them delivered at your doorstep in a matter of days? Now, you can literally create almost anything you want out of thin air. With miniature, at home, 3D printers, tech hobbyists and DIY fanatics can now jump aboard the exciting 3D printing craze from the comfort of their living room. And 3D printing is probably already old news by the time you read this. That’s the best thing about technology: it’s always getting better!

It Saves Lives

“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” is a phrase that doesn’t have to have a morbid ending anymore, thanks to personal medical alert devices like Life Alert. Thousands of medical problems, from diabetes to heart disease, can now be solved or mitigated through tech based solutions. In the near future, it may be possible to transplant a person’s head onto a donor body, as the “full body transplant” gets closer and closer to being a reality. Even to the biggest tech doubters in the world, it is undeniable that technological advances have helped people lived healthier and longer lives.

It Becomes Indispensable

For health and exercise gurus, adopting tech gadgets aimed at promoting wellness was something of a slow process. But now, almost no one who uses fitness apps and devices would ever want to go back. Strava turns your phone into a multi-functional GPS equipped supercomputer, tracking runners and bikers routes in real time and telling users how many calories they burn and more. The stylish Fitbit performs many of the same functions, and comes in many different varieties that can do everything from monitor heart rate to tell time with a stylish display.

The list of exercise related gadgets goes on and on, but one thing is true no matter what apps or accessories you use to improve your workout: what once seemed unnecessary becomes quickly indispensable. And that’s the beauty of technology. It fills a void we didn’t even know existed, and once you go techy there is no going back.

It Can Save the World

Did you know there is a straw that let’s you drink contaminated water, which can wipe out water born illnesses? Score one for the billions of people around the globe who can’t always rely on the safety or cleanliness of their water. Or did you know that scientists are currently plotting technological solutions to global warming, which may literally save the world by reversing the causes of disastrous climate change? Score one for all of us, who may increasingly rely on technology in the future to keep our planet prosperous.

While there are a seemingly innumerable array of dangers ahead for the human race, in many cases technology holds the key to the difficulties our race and our planet will face. Through technological innovation, the brightest minds among us may be able to save the world. And there is no doubt that that’s a good thing.

It’s Really Freakin Cool

All of this talk about saving lives and fixing planet earth is important, but there is one element of technology that makes it truly addictive: it’s really freakin cool. As a species, we are fascinated with the future, the science fiction, the extraordinary possibilities that technology opens up. From iPods to jetpacks, we fall in love with technology because it is inherently cool and exciting. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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