Finding Time for Work, Family, Fun and Self

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One of the biggest challenges an adult can face is balancing home life and a job and still having time to play. This balancing act gets even harder when the job is a self-owned business. But, there are ways that business owners can have their cake and eat it to without spreading themselves too thin and getting overly stressed.

Keep it separate

Work is a completely separate entity from family and play time and it should be treated as such. Business owners should focus on work related tasks during the day. It’s too difficult to accomplish anything in a constructive and efficient manner when personal business is being attended to simultaneously. So, be sure to eliminate or at least minimize personal phone calls, emails, and text messages from friends and family during the workday. This will help assure that work will get done at the office and not need to be taken home to be completed, freeing up time at home for friends and family.

Schedule down time

One of the easiest ways to find time for family and fun is to fit it into a schedule. Be sure to block a specific amount of time each day to dedicate to family and fun and then stick to it. If it’s difficult to find a block of time at first, start simply; block a set amount of time for family dinner. Then, move on to some extra fun events at the end of the week. For example, block out a few hours for a family movie night on Thursday or Friday. Try to keep weekends open for family and try to set aside some parent/child time each month. Write family events on a calendar and soon balancing work and family won’t seem like a chore.

Take time for yourself

Now that work, and family have been balanced, it’s also important for some alone time. Take some time every day for yourself, even if it’s just five minutes. Take a short walk or a hot bath. Read a chapter in a book. Spend some time on a hobby. The possibilities are endless; just pick something, do it, and smile.

Those who have been able to find a balance of their work and family lives and still have time for themselves, tend to be happier and don’t suffer from stress as much. It’s well worth the effort that it takes to balance everything in one’s life and realize there truly can be time to do everything.

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