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Are you a SUCCESSFUL designer or do you aspire to be one? Design is a popular field and can result in projects and creations that are expressive and fulfilling. Being a successful designer requires more than just being able to create a design. You have to have certain attributes and characteristics that make you perfect for such a career.


Every designer has to be creative in order to not only produce something that can be read or seen, but something that people will enjoy reading or seeing. Anyone can create a design, but only a creative designer can create something compelling, unique and interesting.


Social networks and blog platforms are always changing. What is popular today might not be tomorrow. The software you use to create your designs today may not be available tomorrow. For these reasons, blog, and social media designers need to be able to adapt to new software, websites and tools to get their designs created and published.

Able To Take Criticism

Not everyone is going to like your designs. No matter how much work you put into them or how much positive feedback you get from your audience, there is always going to be someone who doesn’t get it or like it. You have to be able to take criticism and turn it around and use it to your benefit. Make all criticism constructive criticism and instead of letting it get your down, use it to become a better designer.


A designer has to be able to make something amazing out of a simple thought, idea or message. That means a successful designer needs to be easily inspired and able to run with an inspiration. Learn to see the beauty and symbolism in small things, such as shape, colors, and images. Don’t just be inspired by things in your design field or things that pertain to a topic you are covering, use to learn the world around you as inspiration.


Being a social media or blog designer isn’t always easy. You will experience setbacks, criticism and problems throughout your career. You have to be motivated by your goals and able to work past the bad moments and enjoy the good ones. Find something that motivates you to be a better designer and use it whenever you feel like quitting or giving up.


Staying organized will help you meet deadlines better, create your work faster and avoid losing contact information, tools and documents related to your projects. Organize your desk, your calendar, your computer files and your entire workspace to be the best designer you can be.


What makes your designs stand out? What do you have to offer clients that other designers don’t? As a designer, you need to always be on top of the newest designs, styles and technology and know how to make designs that are innovative, new and exciting. Your clients want to stand out and they want to hire a designer who can help them do just that.

Manage Time

A successful designer will likely never have just one project underway. You may find yourself juggling several projects and several clients. How will you handle everything? You have to be great at time management and prioritizing your tasks. What can you do to make each aspect of your design go quicker, without giving up quality and originality? Time management is an important skill that will not only come in handy when creating designs, but in various aspects of your life.


A good designer doesn’t do work for money or fame; he does it because he is passionate about his own artistic abilities, voice a creativity. Without passion, your designs won’t speak to an audience or a client and won’t seem sincere or professional. You have to be able to see past more than just the mechanical creation of a design. You have to put your heart and soul into your work and express your true passion through each project.

Do you love to create blogs and social media designs? Are you full of creative ideas and busting at the seems to express yourself and help other deliver a message with your designs? Design is a great field and there is plenty of room for growth and success. If you are planning to become a designer or was to succeed as one, consider the attributes of already successful designers and compare them to your own. If you are lacking any of these characteristics, work on them and watch as your designs become better and you grow and become more successful as a designer.

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