New Technology to Look for in 2015

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MBHighTechIt used to be that small advances in technology took a considerable amount of time, but those days are long gone. Now technology advances as fast as lightening and new generations of gadgets come before the old ones wear out and new products are constantly emerging to keep up with our ever-evolving needs and desires. This coming year is no different. 2015 will bring with it lots of new technology to make our lives more simplified.

Smarter and More Social TVs

TVs have been evolving since their advent. There haven’t been too many changes since the birth of the DVR craze, but there are some changes brewing now. Television is now becoming smarter and more social. Microsoft’s “Xbox One” will allow users to control their cable boxes with voice commands. Google is also getting involved by introducing “Chromecast” as a means to bring the Internet to the television. New television related projects are also in the offing for Apple and Twitter.

Apple iWatch and Google Smartwatch

The iWatch should make its debut appearance in 2015. This gadget puts the power of an iPhone on the wrist of the user. It even comes equipped with Siri. It’s lightweight and flexible and perfect for busy people who are always on the go. The Smartwatch is a similar product, but integrated with Google. It’s a great option for small business owners who need a personal assistant.

iTwin Connect

One of the downfalls of our increasingly technological society is the constant need for keeping information secure. ITwin Connect will allow users to keep their information safe and secure when the user is working from public places such as airports, hotels, and cafes. An added benefit is built-in VPN service that allows file sharing.

Wireless Charging

Technology is useless if the battery has no charge. Wireless charging eliminates the problem of not having a way to charge the power source when the charger is absent. Charging has become simplified. Just set the computer down on a table and it will start charging without the need for being connected to a cumbersome battery charger. This technology will soon find it’s way to public places such as coffee shops and restaurants.

New Wi-Fi Standards

Even newer technology like Wi-Fi needs to evolve or perish. In 2015 steps it up a notch. Wi-Fi standards of performance speed and infrastructure will be increased. Another advance will be the emergence of more Wi-Fi enabled devices.

These are just a few examples of the many new pieces of technology that will be available in 2015. All of the new technology will help to make this upcoming year exciting. There are so many available options that everyone should be on the lookout for the perfect piece of technology that will seamlessly fit into their own lives.

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